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4 Characteristics of a Weak Law Firm Compensation System

Posted by: Brian Kennel on January 24

Firms struggling with compensation decisions often lack a process that ensures consistency, fairness, and transparency. While subjective compensation systems are most problematic, poorly designed and administrated objective systems are just as troubling. Compensation systems that fail to reward profitable practice habits are ineffective, can lead to defections, and result in poor performance.


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6 Characteristics of a Weak Marketing Culture

Posted by: Brian Kennel on January 15

To survive in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, law firms must promote a robust marketing culture. In the most successful firms, marketing is part of their very makeup of the firm and is embedded in the firm’s systems, processes, and incentives.


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Team-oriented firm culture and the story of the three little pigs

Posted by: PerformLaw on December 20


A strong and resilient house protected the pigs from the wolf.....Why law firms should care about team strength to protect their organization’s stability.



The story of the three little pigs is a famous tale of three brothers who each built their own home.

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Marketing System Structure

Posted by: PerformLaw on October 31

We consider two parties the key agents in a law firm marketing system:

  1. Individual Attorneys

  2. Firm

Their actions affect each other and define the success of the system as a whole. In this system, the attorneys engage in marketing activities according to individual or starter plans or in a firm supporting role. To a lesser extent, management, support staff and outsourced service providers are also agents.

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Law Firm Brand Development Essentials

Posted by: PerformLaw on October 23

The way clients purchase legal services continues to evolve 


Good marketing requires an open mind and willingness to see the value of your services from the client’s perspective.  It requires an appreciation of the buying process that clients employ before deciding to hire a lawyer or law firm. This buying process is much different than it was just five years ago,  and it continues to evolve.


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Creating An Attorney Performance System That Works!

Posted by: PerformLaw on October 14
While the practice of law continues to undergo many changes, one thing remains the same. Law firms will always need attorneys with energy, experience, and skill to survive. Smart firms strive to help their people realize their full potential while there are still others that take a much narrower view of their relationships with their attorneys. Read More