Manage a more competitive firm with the right software

June 27

Competition for clients in today’s legal marketplace is fierce. Small and mid-sized law firms continue to search for ways to produce more for less money. Embracing practice management software is a key way firms can get ahead and remain competitive. The right software can streamline many of a firm's processes allowing for more time to be spent on client work and business development.  


The market is full of legal software applications promising to manage almost every aspect of a law firm.  While law firms have used various software applications for decades to meet their basic needs of email, word processing, billing and account software, most firms are unaware of the full capabilities of their current software and the new software that exists in the marketplace. Even though many of the programs that law firms use are capable of doing more, it is not unusual for a  firm to use several ill-fitting, outdated and overlapping applications. 


Whether firms lack the technology needed to remain competitive or have issues dealing with multiple software systems, there are integrated solutions available that are not that difficult to implement. We prefer cloud-based practice management systems because they eliminate the need for a firm-owned server and on-premise IT infrastructure investments. 


We will outline the various features and benefits of modern practice management applications, particularly the benefits of utilizing cloud-based applications. In our final post of this series, we will outline HOW to implement a strong cloud-based system at your law firm.


Practice management applications combine the major components of a law firm operation in one system. The most common features and strategic benefits of each feature are described in the table below:  

 PerformLaw Infographic



StayTunedStay tuned for following posts that further the discussion on the strategic benefits of utilizing a cloud-based practice management system and the best way to implement such software at law firms.