Attorney Performance

Attorney performance is a combination of several factors. The right compensation and incentives coupled with a robust amount of transparency will help motivate hardworking lawyers and make them more secure in the belief that their hard work will pay off. Not far behind compensation and incentives is the need for a clear progression path and the tools and training. Finally, a strong communication process that ensures attorneys receive regular performance feedback is essential.

We regularly design attorney performance programs that include compensation and benefits, practice planning and guidance, progression policies, and processes for improving communications.

We can engage with you on a project level or as part of longer-term attorney performance improvement and monitoring relationship. The structure of these agreements can include in-person visits, regularly scheduled or ad hoc calls, email support, performance analysis, templates, and report style communications. We can work on improving a single lawyer’s performance or an entire firm.

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What can you accomplish from and focused attorney performance approach and what can PerformLaw do for you?

The Process

What is involved in an attorney performance engagement?


Where can I learn more about the topics I might want advice about?


The confidence of knowing you are doing it right. Clients who engage PerformLaw to improve attorney performance get objective, experienced, and practical advice.

The ability to implement attorney performance improvement actions All our tools, templates, processes, market awareness and creative plan design expertise are included in the engagement.

A solution for the long term. Attorney performance engagements include customized policies, procedures, forms, and templates for your organization..

The comfort of knowing that your best people can thrive and prosper in your system. Attorney performance engagements include a complimentary high-level strategic plan to ensure that we help you align your new systems with your strategic goals.

What PerformLaw can do for you:

  • We help clarify goals and expectations (Strategy).
  • We consult on the best tactics to achieve the goals (Identification of tasks and association with goals) and provide tools and processes.
  • We ensure clients have the information they need to make informed decisions.
  • We offer relevant and timely advice in all the key law firm management areas.
  • We are available when clients need us before, during and after an engagement.



Request for information

Timekeeper productivity reports

Billable hours, value, realized rates, billings, collections, and rates (Past 2 years and current YTD)

Workload distribution reports

Hours worked, billed and collected by client/matter (Past 2 years and current YTD)

Origination statistics

Hours worked, billings and collections by client and by originator (Past 2 years and current YTD)

Hire dates and promotion histories/ Terminations (timekeepers)

For all timekeepers (if available)

Firm income statements and balance sheets

Please also include any supplemental Information included in your financial reporting process (Past 2 years and current YTD)

Individual budgets or expectations

Any expectations the firm has for individuals.

Payroll histories and job titles for all employees

Salaries, wages with raise and bonus histories, title and job assignments (paralegal, secretary to....)(Actual Payroll Registers will be helpful as well) (Past 2 years and current YTD)

Operating agreement

With latest amendments


Timekeeper Profitability (3 years)

Billed and collected profitability

Direct cost allocation

Overhead allocation

Billable hours or other allocated timekeeper revenue

Payroll per hour

Overhead per hour


Evaluation forms - Digital Process

Tabulate the results and present summary

Performance evaluation guidelines, policies and best practices

Avancement Analysis and Recommendation

Assessment of associate development according to progression policy and recommendations for objective and subjective quality & skill development


Goal Setting & Expectation Management

Capacity evaluation & planning

Billable & Non-billable Time Allocation

Best Practices time commitment Identification

Compensation & Incentive Alignment

Time Commitment Identification (non billable time budget)


Development of criteria and support systems for promoting associates to income partners based on experience, performance evaluations, profitability, marketing & origination skills

Progression Criteria

Attorney Progression Path

  • Associate to Partner
  • Advancement Criteria for Partners
    • Minimum Originations

Qualitative Requirements

Reputation Building

Publishing, Content Contribution and Speaking

Business Development Contributions and Confidence

Client Relations and Service

Management of the Billing Relationship

Training and Supervision

Work Ethic

Recruiting Contributions


Equity Membership Admission and Progression

Credit for Lateral Service


Base Salaries Ranges and Adjustment Process

Objective and Subjective Bonuses

Fee Sharing Approaches

Profit Sharing Approaches

At Risk Compensation

Hourly Compensation

Post-Partnership Compensation Plans


Definition & Assessment of Challenges & Issues

Conflict Resolution



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