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The Legal Marketing Mix eBook identifies each of the components that make up a law firm's marketing mix.  It reviews WHY each is important, WHAT to consider, and HOW to successfully implement each component in a law practice.

Podcast: Growth, Hiring and Outpacing the Competition


"Growth, Hiring and Outpacing the Competition with Brian Kennel"  As a guest on the CaseFuel podcast, Brian talks about how law firms can reach objectives for not only revenue but lifestyle, team motivation and market positioning.


This infographic discusses the question of how much managing partners be compensated for their service?  Answering this question seems easy enough. In reality, though,  the answer is much more complex. 



When is good time to start transition planning at your law firm? Now. RIGHT now. Blue Williams partner Stephen Pizzo and law firm consultant Brian Kennel discuss the benefits of being proactive with transition planning.



The demand for value-based billing presents law firms with opportunities to propose various pricing models for their legal services. Here are 8 essential features to consider in a strategic pricing model.




This webinar reviews how firms can use profitability analysis to understand the basic economics of their practice. With this knowledge, firms have a competitive advantage to make meaningful improvements.