Our Team

Brian Kennel

CEO, Lead Navigator

When I originally started the firm I just wanted to survive in my own business. My thought was to work for a small group of clients on a very exclusive basis, which would provide me with a decent living and more control over my schedule. Eventually, I reached a point when my clients needed more, and my thinking had to change.

As a result, the company is growing, our services are expanding, and it’s a lot more fun. Along with client work, I spend my time looking for innovative ways to serve more clients, improve our processes and broaden our geographic reach.

I feel fortunate that I found something I’m good at. Being that person whom clients trust with their critical issues suits me well. Over the span of my professional career, I have served as an entry level accounting clerk, controller, firm administrator, and as an entrepreneur who failed and succeeded. I understand the technical aspects of running small and mid-sized firms law firms as well as the personalities that define successful firms.

Living in a data-driven world that expects instantaneous answers, I help clients to leverage available data collection applications to remove much of the guesswork from the decision-making process. And while I prefer a data-driven approach to making complex business decisions, I am not afraid to rely on my instincts and experience, especially when solutions are unclear or the time horizon is short.


I deeply appreciate the weight of leadership on many of our clients. I find the most fulfillment when our work results in a better decision-making process.  I enjoy collaborating with our clients, coworkers, colleagues, and even competitors to produce results for our clients.
I hope we get to work together someday.

Sean Kennel, MBA

Financial Modeling Analyst

I help law firms to make data-informed decisions regarding their strategic priorities. In providing financial metrics such as: compensation models, timekeeper profitability and workload distributions, I help law firms to become more efficient and profitable. Equally rewarding to me is working with clients to secure a solid future by providing them with plan and growth projections, merger analysis, lateral models and transition plans.

Jan Sander, MBA

Process Analyst

Working with law firms, I strive to create and improve procedures that will stimulate individual contributions as well as collaboration among the firm’s members. I do this using an analytical yet personalized approach.

In my role as Process Analyst, I focus on the development of operational processes to improve effectiveness and efficiency in key areas including: associate and partner performance, marketing, strategic, transition and transformation planning.

Kathryn Sintz

Marketing Manager

I have worked with law firms in a marketing capacity for over 15 years, both in-house at a mid-sized law firm and as an outside consultant. This experience, along with my Masters in Social Work, has given me a strong understanding of the unique needs of attorneys and how to best communicate their expertise. I love the challenge of taking complicated legal topics and presenting them in a way that effectively reaches current and prospective clients.   

Brian Kennel, Jr.

Business Service Manager

As Business Service Manager for PerformLaw, I provide management and operational support to our law firm clients. This includes payroll management, cloud based bill pay, benefits compliance support, 401K processing and client profitability. I began working with Perfomlaw during the summer and other school breaks. Now working on a full-time basis, it is fun to watch the company grow and to help our law firm clients do the same.

Sherry Malinawan

Data & Project Administrator

As a data & project administrator, I am responsible for managing various projects and data. Utilizing PerformLaw’s data-driven approach to problem solving, I process large volumes of data to uncover relevant information. I organize this data into charts and timelines to visually communicate the information to clients. I am motivated by the actionable insights gained through data analysis which allow us to better serve our clients.