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Work-Life Timelines Support Law Firm Transition Planning

Posted by: PerformLaw on November 1

While transition or succession planning is on the minds of most law firm partners and their clients, the majority of law firms avoid conversations about transition planning and partner retirement. If a law firm puts deliberate efforts into transition planning, it will have more control of its future  and be able to sustain its profitability and longevity.

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A Comprehensive Approach to Transitioning a Law Firm

Posted by: PerformLaw on October 25


Transition planning requires a deliberate approach and a sustained focus to be effective.  This is often difficult for administrators and lawyers who must manage daily business demands. To best ensure the planning process remains focused and deliberate, a law firm needs outside support to work in conjunction with in-house resources.


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10 Key Steps in Law Firm Transition Planning

Posted by: PerformLaw on June 13

With an estimated 65% of equity partners approaching retirement age over the next decade, most attorneys working in a firm will be affected by the challenge of transition planning. While this statistic is notable, most law firms pay little attention to partners’ plans for retirement.  

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EBOOK: "Is it possible to transition a small law firm to the next generation?"

Posted by: Brian Kennel on May 31

The topic of transition planning is not the most enjoyable or easy topic around law firms. But it's critical, especially with a significant number of equity partners set to retire over the next decade.  So why is transition planning so difficult for law firms?

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Overview and Timing of a Law Firm Transition Plan

Posted by: Brian Kennel on August 2

Whether you are a lawyer who is considering retirement options or a law firm that is concerned about the future of the firm as senior partners age, creating a transition plan can help ensure that firm continues to thrive.  

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WATCH: Transition Planning Videos

Posted by: Brian Kennel on May 2

Transition Planning & Strategy Videos:   A Discussion With Blue Williams


In this series of law firm videos, Stephen Pizzo, partner at Blue Williams L.L.P., and Brian Kennel, lead consultant at PerformLaw, discuss the firm's competitive advantages from their transition planning and strategic practice approach.


Effective transition planning has allowed the firm to retain its best attorneys and also attract potential laterals who found limited opportunities at their previous firms. Clients also benefit from proactive transition planning, knowing that they have a secure team in place for the long-term.



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