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Creating An Attorney Performance System That Works!

Marketing Analytics and Metrics for Any Size Law Firm

Disruptions in the Insurance Defense Legal Services Market

Law Firm Leadership and Change Management

Marketing System Adoption: What's best for your law firm?

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Getting Lateral Hiring Right at Your Law Firm

The 3 Phases of Marketing System Implementation

Can software act as your law firm’s next Marketing Director?

Divvying Up the Fee Dollar: Building a Firm Economic Model

Billing Attorney Origination Credit Essentials

Benefits of Segmentation and Buyer Personas for Law Firms

Developing Buyer Personas to Reach the Right Clients

Market Segmentation for Effective Law Firm Marketing

Law Firm Capitalization

Maintaining a Competitive Law Firm

How Relationship Building Activities Fit Into a Law Firm's Marketing Mix

Combat the Decline of Your Firm with Strategic Recruiting

Extending the Life of Your Firm with Attorney Development

More Channels to Consider for a Law Firm's Marketing Mix

Work-Life Timelines Support Law Firm Transition Planning

A Comprehensive Approach to Transitioning a Law Firm

Blogging & Social Media: Key Parts of a Law Firm's Marketing Mix

The Marketing Mix: Law Firm Websites

The Legal Marketing Mix: An Introduction

Opportunity Analysis: An Advanced Legal Marketing Tool

Moving the Small and Mid-Sized Firm Out of Start-Up

Is there value in training associates at your law firm?

Recognizing the Essence of Small and Mid-sized Law Firm Compensation

Streamlined Website Building Saves Time, Money and Frustration

Metrics to Improve Law Firm Marketing Effectiveness

10 Key Steps in Law Firm Transition Planning

Client Origination Credit Essentials

EBOOK: "Is it possible to transition a small law firm to the next generation?"

Billing Process Inefficiencies & Improvements

Practice Planning: How We Do It! (Part 3)

Practice Planning for Lawyers: Our Approach

Better Associate Performance Using a Structured Practice Planning Process

3 Phases of Law Firm Marketing System Adoption

Boost Firm Performance With Intrinsic Motivation

Determining Attorney Bonuses: Subjective and Objective Considerations

Thinking of Purchasing a Smaller Law Practice?:  Consider These Things

5 Steps to Developing a Law Firm Marketing Plan

Content Marketing for Law Firms

Setting and Adjusting Base Salaries

Understanding Your Competition

Well-Developed Compensation Policies and Pay Plans for Lawyers

Modern Legal Marketing:  Start with these basics.

A Structured Approach to Fairly Compensating and Promoting Lawyers

3 Simple Tools to Help Law Firms Prepare for the Future

Using Profitability Data to Transform Your Law Firm

Effective Business Development Fundamentals

Overview and Timing of a Law Firm Transition Plan

Is Your Firm a Disciplined Law Firm?

Law Firm Client Profitability That Everyone Can Understand

WATCH: Transition Planning Videos

"Client Profitability: Analysis to Action"

Steps to Successful Lateral Hiring

Safeguards for Admitting Laterals (Part 2)

Compensating for Law Firm Profitability

Capping Billable Hours = Healthier Firm?

Admitting New Law Firm Partners

Aligning Equity with Contributed Profits

Using Data to Determine Compensation

Client Profitability Analysis: An Oracle of Truth!

Analyzing Profit Per Hour

Capacity Analysis and Planning

How Competitive is Your Law Firm?

The Essential Guide to Associate Development

The Uncharted Waters of Compensation

Winning the Game of Associate Compensation

Should Pay Follow Practice Area?

How Do We Pay Associates?

Expedite Associate Value By Setting Expectations

Successful Firms Put The Right People In The Right Jobs

Associate Contributions: By the Hours

Define the Role. Then Hire the Associate.

Criteria for Recruiting Effectiveness

Maximizing Law Firm Associate Performance

Creating a Law Firm Marketing Plan

Law Firm Marketing:  Get the Whole Story

Solving Legal Marketing Issues With Analytics

Compensation and Incentives to Supercharge Marketing

Marketing Budgets for Law Firms: A Results-Centered Approach

Serious Legal Marketing Needs Real Support

"Build It and They Will Come": Implementing Inbound Marketing at Your Firm

Law Firm Market Research: A Missed Opportunity

The Best Legal Industry Prediction for 2016

2 Underestimated Elements of Law Firm Marketing

Law Firm Branding: Communicating the Client Experience

Beautiful Minds: 41 Legal Industry Predictions for 2016

Law Firm Marketing : Plan and Process Development

Thinking About Starting A Law Firm?

The 12 Essential Components of Law Firm Marketing

Building Strong Attorney Development Programs for Tomorrow's Leaders

Presentation: Calculating Client Profitability

Smart law firms are rethinking their approach to marketing

Client Origination Credit Essentials: How to Incent Business Development in Law Firms

Infographic: Client Origination Credit

Becoming Market Aware and Fiercely Competitive

Thinking Laterals Are the Answer: Improving the Odds, Part 2

Thinking Laterals Are the Answer?: Opportunities and Struggles,Part 1

Will a Strategic Plan Overcome a Lack of Leadership?

Will a Strategic Plan Really Make a Difference?

The Legal Market is Fine for Those Who Adapt

Are Law Firms Steadily Lowering Expectations?

The Rising Number of Aging Law Firms

Partners Ask: Am I In the Right Firm?

Client Profitability: Analysis to Action

Content Marketing: What Is It? Where Do I Start?

Transitioning Successful Senior Partners

Dealing With An Outlier

Why Successful Lawyers Leave

Setting Legal Fees: Factors to Consider

Submit your topics of interest!

Alternative Fee Agreements: Is time keeping important?

Smart law firms are rethinking their approach to marketing

Is your firm a litigation powerhouse?

Compensation Trends and Considerations

Measuring Client Profitability Is a Tether to Reality

Handling a Work Slowdown

Strategically Setting Billing Rates

Marketing Genius or Not, Having a Good Plan Is an Advantage

A Disturbing Trend in Law Firm Staffing Structure

What Is It About Some Law Firms?

Effective Business Development Fundamentals

Lateral Attractions

The Legal Market Is Fine for Those Who Adapt

Overcoming the Challenge of Asking for a Billing Rate Increase

How Do I Get More Work?

How You Staff a Client Account or Matter Says Everything About Your Firm

Survey Says that Small to Mid-Sized Firms Are a Good Bet

Why Am I Not Able to Get Clients?

Are You Talking too Much in Selling Situations?

Leverage Is a Habit

Effective Strategic Planning for Law Firms

Profitability Analysis as a Management Tool and in Compensation

Why Are You So Interested in Our Firm's Accounting System?

What Exactly Is a Practice Plan and What Is Its Value?

Forecasting Is More Useful Than Budgeting in Most Law Firms

The Value of Apprenticeship - and Professionalism in General

Apprenticeship Is Not Dead

Is Digital Marketing Enough to Result in Files Coming Your Way?

I Don't Understand the Younger Generation

Digital Marketing May Be a Means of Survival for Associates

Digital Marketing or Traditional Marketing

Is Your Firm Underperforming?

Is Your Compensation System a Friend or Foe in the Marketplace?

Attracting and Retaining Good Lawyers