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Law Firm Leadership and Change Management

Posted by: PerformLaw on July 25
Change is usually driven by realization or suffering. Because humans are hard-wired to resist change, this means that an individual or an organization will only change if they have a compelling vision of the outcome if they have suffered enough in their current situation.

Change affects all parts of an organization or a system. In law firms specifically, any change will ultimately affect the people, processes, and tools that handle the firm’s work. 

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Combat the Decline of Your Firm with Strategic Recruiting

Posted by: Brian Kennel on December 6

To avoid a phase of decline, law firms must continually work on attracting and retaining new talent.  A well-communicated recruiting plan with monetary incentives for those who actively recruit has the potential to transform a firm immediately.  

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Is there value in training associates at your law firm?

Posted by: Brian Kennel on July 17



When it comes to associate turnover or ineffectiveness, small to mid-sized firms operate on a razor-thin margin. Many firms have simply given up on hiring brand new attorneys as means to fill open positions or to meet future staffing needs.  

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3 Simple Tools to Help Law Firms Prepare for the Future

Posted by: Brian Kennel on October 30

Lawyers 55 or older make up over 1/3 of all practicing attorneys. These data have been found across the 15+ legal markets that PerformLaw has collected demographic data for over the past two years. The same demographics hold true on a national basis. (Source: "The Lawyer Statistical Report", American Bar Foundation)


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Successful Firms Put The Right People In The Right Jobs

Posted by: Brian Kennel on April 12

Law firms secure successful attorneys because their hiring decisions are based on suitability for a defined role.  These firms  hire the right people since they invest the time and effort to develop a clear understanding of the available roles and corresponding model associate criteria.

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The Best Legal Industry Prediction for 2016

Posted by: Brian Kennel on January 14

In the most recent issue of inVOICE, Brian Kennel's prediction was considered  "the best" of the  41 Legal Industry Predictions for 2016 collected on the LexisNexis Business of Law Blog.  inVOICE is  a newsletter providing short, informational executive briefs designed for law firm executives and managing partners developed by InvoicePrep.



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