The Workplace Has Forever Changed: What Law Firms Must Do to Thrive Forward

December 21

What can law firms do to create a sustainable future in an evolving workplace? 

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us many lessons.  Regardless of industry, we have learned that businesses must stay ready for disruption, be open to change, and be willing to accept new ways of operating.


Because law firms are typically slow to adapt, these lessons came hard for many in the legal industry. When the pandemic hit, many firms were unprepared to navigate the challenges resulting from a drastic shift in people management and operations. While we have learned that we must be prepared to navigate turbulence in the business environment, firm leaders still struggle to make strategic adjustments in the pandemic-influenced workplace. Many firm leaders find it challenging to decipher which industry trends are temporary and which are here to stay. 


A long-term strategy that considers industry-wide developments is key to positioning your firm to thrive in the future. It should address mastering people management, learning to use tools and resources to optimize workflows, and utilizing data analytics to measure and adjust performance. Knowing how to do these things will keep your firm competitive, innovative, and ready for the future. 


External Influences and the Priorities of the Modern Workforce

Firm leaders must stay on top of managing the ever-evolving, modern workforce and consider all the dynamics that influence how we work, when we work, and where we work. External economic, social, and technological developments beyond our control indirectly impact the organization, whereas internal operations directly have a controllable direct impact. Both macro and micro-level forces influence the behaviors of the people in the firm. 


The pandemic turned out to be the catalyst that pushed the momentum of macro-level developments while simultaneously bringing micro-level nuances of the traditional law firm’s work environment to the forefront of the legal workforce’s attention. Many have started to seriously evaluate how they live, carefully consider where they choose to work and push for their work experience to be more attuned to lives they want to cultivate, where authenticity, autonomy, and balance are respected. '


StayTunedStay tuned for this multi-post article  which will address : 

  • How external influences and new workforce priorities have set the stage for challenges like quiet quitting, employee poaching, industry hopping, and, thus high turnover.
  • How can firm leaders recognize and capitalize on strategic opportunities amidst industry turbulence?