Thinking About Starting A Law Firm?

December 7

 New-Law-Firm_Setup.jpegWe hear many reasons for starting a new firm.  Two of the most compelling strategic reasons include:

  1.   The opportunity to create a unique client offering

  2.   The freedom to execute quickly (We refer to this as having the ability to "turn the ship into the wind".)

Progressive partners who realize they are missing out on opportunities frequently decide that starting a new law firm is the best way to accomplish their goals. Their vision and passion fuel the creation of these new firms.


In other instances, lawyers are unhappy with their existing situations and want more control over their futures. Normally, these partners are searching for a more competitive overhead structure, better compensation, more influence on decision making and better personal relationships.


Still other lawyers are forced into starting a new firm as a result of their existing firm declining or breaking up. When this occurs, speed is essential to ensuring that no client losses occur from the negative publicity. Whatever the reasons for starting a new law firm, the steps in the startup process are much the same and are as follows:


The main elements of starting a law firmChart-New-Law-Firm-Startup.png


Finding the time to plan, execute and manage these steps is daunting. However, when a firm invests in the right outside support, it can make this process more efficient and move at a much quicker pace, therefore producing a much better result.


As a helpful starting point in considering the startup of a new law firm, please download the detailed NEW LAW FIRM STARTUP  CHECKLIST to give you an understanding of the steps involved. Also, give us a call to answer any questions you may have.  We keep all information confidential. 




Perform helps law firms create start up plans , create accurate models that objectively consider the material economic elements, assess the risks, and ensure expectations are clearly defined and communicated to the participants. We help our clients eliminate the surprises.