Is Hubspot the right marketing platform for your law firm?

January 4

There is no shortage of marketing software on the market promising to solve all of your law firm’s marketing problems and bring in new clients.

So, why consider Hubspot?

Since PerformLaw has used Hubspot as a marketing platform for over 5 years and has also helped several law firms to implement it, we have relevant insight into why a law firm should consider Hubspot. We can also provide some wisdom into when and why Hubspot might not be the best platform for your firm. 

First, here are the reasons we think Hubspot should be considered as your law firm’s marketing platform:


# 1 One-stop marketing 

Hubspot aims to be your law firm’s one-stop marketing hub. Instead of logging into one platform to create a blog post and another to promote your content on social media and yet another to track analytics, Hubspot allows all of these tasks to be completed in one place. Once your firm installs Hubspot, it can reduce the number of platforms used which can be a time saver and help your firm to be more consistent in its marketing. 

PerformLaw uses Hubspot for our website development, web analytics, content creation, CRM, and email marketing. 

# 2 User-friendliness

And if having the marketing tools your firm uses in one place isn’t great enough, Hubspot’s tools are also easy to navigate and use. Hubspot does a great job making its many features intuitive so you can start using them from the very beginning. You don’t need to be a tech guru to create landing pages, pages, forms, and emails. Hubspot also makes it easy to bulk-create and schedule social media content which, again, is a big time saver.


Fun Fact:

To ensure its designs were truly simple and easy to use, Hubspot experimented with "drunk user" testing. Based on the drunk testers' suggestions and criticisms, Hubspot changed some of their designs to be more user-friendly. With these new designs,  Hubspot's conversion rates went up by 22% and page exit rates went down by 15%View article.


#3 Scalability

One of the best things about HubSpot is that it grows with your business. Your firm can start using Hubspot by utilizing only its free tools, or you can hit the ground running with an enterprise plan. HubSpot was initially created with only a marketing platform but has quickly expanded its capabilities with robust sales and service platforms to better meet your business needs. 

While Hubspot’s paid plans can get expensive, you can mix and match solutions and payment plans. Again, as your law firm grows, HubSpot can grow along with you.


#4 Compatibility

HubSpot is compatible with more than 500 apps, including Outlook, Salesforce, Slack, Mailchimp, Zoom, Databox, and hundreds of other apps. Hubspot also integrates with Zapier, allowing you to connect with even more apps. So if you want to keep using a tool you already have, Hubspot most probably will allow you to seamlessly integrate it into your marketing platform.


#5 Valuable help

HubSpot’s support and training are extensive. Hubspot offers free online help and training through courses, certifications, videos, articles, and customer support. Whether you are a marketing newbie or already an expert, you will never be in the dark with your marketing efforts in Hubspot. In addition to Hubspot’s helpful Knowledge Base, their customer service representatives are available no matter what plan your firm purchases.

If there is a question, an answer is not hard to find.


But it's not good for every law firm......


While Hubspot is a stellar tool with numerous benefits, it is definitely not for every law firm or business.


That’s because Hubspot is just that – a tool. When used properly, it can help to build a strong firm brand with a steady stream of business coming in. But if used in the wrong way or not at all, it can be a big waste of money.


Since Hubspot is a tool, it cannot run itself. You need someone who can “own” or be in charge of Hubspot at your law firm. Purchasing Hubspot without having someone run it at your firm is similar to a construction company purchasing an expensive piece of machinery but not hiring someone to operate it.


Your firm needs an operator to get the most out of its marketing investment.


Hubspot for law firms


If you would like to implement Hubspot at your law firm, PerformLaw can help.

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