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3 Phases of Law Firm Marketing System Adoption

on Apr 18, 2018 2:54:56 PM

Looking at the big picture of legal marketing and client relationship management, there are 3 major phases involved in adopting an enterprise marketing system.  These 3 phases that will be reviewed include:


Phase 1: Marketing Plan Development

Phase 2: Activity & Budget Schedule and Contact Organization

Phase 3: Automation Systems


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Boost Firm Performance With Intrinsic Motivation

on Mar 29, 2018 11:03:19 AM

While the experience and skills of law firm staff and attorneys factor into how they perform at work, a law firm’s management effectiveness greatly influences overall workplace performance,  especially in the long-term. 

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Determining Attorney Bonuses: Subjective and Objective Considerations

on Mar 21, 2018 3:03:56 PM

Most law firms use a bonus system to motivate and retain good attorneys.  With their own unique values and behaviors they wish to reward,  law firms use various subjective and objective methods to determine bonus amounts.   While there is no magic formula for creating the perfect bonus plan, the law firms that find the most success are ones that support a  compensation process that is transparent and that view compensation as an ever-evolving system that progresses and flexes with the times.  



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Thinking of Purchasing a Smaller Law Practice?:  Consider These Things

on Mar 13, 2018 3:02:00 PM


PerformLaw has seen an increase in the number of attorneys interested in purchasing existing law practices rather than starting their own firms from scratch. The purchase of a law practice is not a simple undertaking, but proper due diligence can make sure your particular objectives are achieved.


These transactions are almost always on a prospective basis. A typical structure has the seller retaining all of the AR (Accounts Receivable), WIP (unbilled time)  and Liabilities as of a specified cut-off date. If needed, the buyer can purchase any hard assets for a negotiated price.  Occasionally, these transactions include intellectual property, which can impact the calculation of future revenue sharing. For example, a personal injury lawyer may have a publicly recognizable firm name associated with a marketing approach that generates new cases.

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5 Steps to Developing a Law Firm Marketing Plan

on Mar 7, 2018 2:17:17 PM
Legal marketing, whether it is for an individual lawyer, a practice group/section or an entire firm, requires a well-developed plan. Effective marketing creates awareness and establishes authority which generates more legal work and revenue.

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Content Marketing for Law Firms

on Mar 5, 2018 2:12:00 PM

 The legal industry is more competitive than ever. Fortunately, small firms and individual lawyers do not need to spend large amounts of money on marketing to stand out in a crowded playing field.  While referrals and traditional marketing methods such as advertising are still successful, content marketing has become an extremely effective way for lawyers to reach target audiences. By developing and distributing quality content that brings value to a target audience, lawyers and law firms can quickly increase their visibility and credibility.

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