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March 1

PerformLaw has given considerable attention to the essential components of marketing for lawyers over our previous blog posts. Now, we give you full access to these marketing articles with summaries, including the links to the full articles and links to all templates and downloads.  They give the full picture of marketing for lawyers and what both law firms and individual lawyers can do to enhance marketing efforts. 





Smart law firms are rethinking their approach to marketing

This is the first in a series of articles discussing law firm marketing. Understanding lawyers are busy enough with billable work, any extra time spent on marketing needs to be worthwhile. Curious firms who seek to overcome their marketing concerns will soon be encouraged by new opportunities for business growth.



The 12 Essential Components of Law Firm Marketing

Law firms that support a diverse approach to marketing expand their opportunities for success. In this article, we will provide an introduction to the 12 components deemed essential to such an approach. When executed in a meaningful and cohesive manner, these components can deliver maximum return on a law firm’s marketing investment.




Law Firm Marketing : Plan and Process Development

Firms searching for high engagement in marketing efforts benefit from a process that emphasizes planning at the individual, section, group or even client levels. 




Law Firm Branding: Communicating the Client Experience


Beyond a look or a logo, a strong brand is supported by an actual experience. It conveys what differentiates a firm from others and why it matters to clients. A clearly defined brand bolsters the confidence of existing clients, tells potential clients what to expect, and draws the attention of lateral hires and recruits.




2 Underestimated Elements of Law Firm Marketing


Continuous web development and SEO are often overlooked pieces of a law firm’s overall marketing strategy. A firm will invest significant time and money in creating or redesigning their website and then breathe a sigh of relief, thankful that they won’t need to worry about their website for a couple of years. In doing this, many firms miss out on great opportunities to promote their website.



Law Firm Market Research: A Missed Opportunity


Lawyers appreciate the value of research. When working on a case for a client, a lawyer will search databases and newspaper archives, interview witnesses, explore social media and discover pertinent information wherever it exists. I am fascinated with some of the information they can obtain.



"Build It and They Will Come": Implementing Inbound Marketing at Your Firm


Law firms must utilize the most efficient marketing techniques to remain relevant and succeed in today’s competitive market. Since consumers are more in control of what information they receive and how they receive it, inbound marketing is an effective method of marketing that can help a law firm to get ahead of the pack.



Serious Legal Marketing Needs Real Support


Perhaps the most difficult aspect of implementing an effective marketing strategy is the availability of training protocols. Keeping your law firm competitive means understanding how to effectively market your services. How can your firm do this and stay current with all of the evolving concepts and tools?



Marketing Budgets for Law Firms: A Results-Centered Approach


Determining a marketing budget is both an important and extremely challenging part of developing your law firm’s marketing plan. A budgeting process that recognizes trial and error is inevitable and that allows an adequate amount of time for success is recommended.



Metrics to Improve Law Firm Marketing Effectiveness


Behind all of the powerful tools now available to law firm marketers is a mountain of data. When this data is combined with readily available accounting system information, curious lawyers have the ability to target marketing more precisely than uninformed competitors.




Compensation and Incentives to Supercharge Marketing


Supporting marketing efforts with a compensation system that aligns risks and rewards is ideal. We like profitability based compensation systems in most all cases, but especially in entrepreneurial firms with highly mobile partners.


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