Effective Law Firm Marketing: Plan and Process Development

December 10

Law firms searching for high engagement in marketing efforts benefit from a process that emphasizes planning at the individual, section, group or even client levels. 


Expressed graphically, the process would look something like the following image:



Developing these plans can be a tedious process. To ensure that all of the critical elements are considered, we recommend using a planning template. Templates also help with the evaluation and funding process.


The template links below are a great place to start. Download them now to start your law firm's marketing efforts off on the right foot:



TEMPLATE:  Marketing Activity Tracking Calendar



  • Successful lawyers recognize the need to constantly develop new business, especially when busy with existing client work. These lawyers avoid developing a false sense of security and understand that one settled case or change in a client relationship can change fortunes in a day. Download this template to use as a handy tool for staying focused on marketing.


TEMPLATE:  Marketing Activity Plan



  • This resource will assist lawyers in expanding their marketing scope.  Lawyers and law firms should consider the effectiveness of existing business development methods. Lawyers are quick to reduce marketing to entertainment. In-person contact is an important aspect of business development especially when coupled with an expanded activity plan. Download this template to help. 
  • Recognize that part of the marketing budget should be allocated to training and education in business development. Proper training will increase the effectiveness of marketing efforts. Firms that expand the definition of marketing have an advantage. Here is a sample budget template that I find useful when seeking funding for client marketing plans. 


TEMPLATE: Marketing Budget




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