Marketing System Structure

October 31


We consider two parties the key agents in a law firm marketing system:

  1. Individual Attorneys

  2. Firm

Their actions affect each other and define the success of the system as a whole. In this system, the attorneys engage in marketing activities according to individual or starter plans or in a firm supporting role. To a lesser extent, management, support staff and outsourced service providers are also agents.

The firm is responsible for unifying these agents with a support system consisting of In-house resources, outsourced services, software solutions, and policies that encourage, facilitate and monitor attorneys’ marketing actions. The firm may also engage in marketing activities for the benefit of everyone.

Defined roles and responsibilities concerning marketing activities, support and policies provide a clear structure and contribution expectations.


The infographic shown below illustrates the structure of a law firm's marketing system including marketing activities, support systems, policies and attorney roles and responsibilities.



Marketing-System-Structure-Infographic-v3 (1)


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