Why Am I Not Able to Get Clients?

October 30

If you are struggling to gain new clients or even keep clients that have been given to you, chances are that you are mired in your own belief system about what clients really value. A recent study of professional services buying habits by the Virginia based research firm Hinge Marketing indicates that what buyers say they value and what they really value when buying professional services are two very different truths. While the survey did not cover law firms, it is my belief that the same results would apply if consistently researched.

What clients say they consider when buying:

  • Expertise/ Technical Skill
  • Quality of the team or lawyer assigned to the matter/account
  • Experience
  • Reputation

What clients really consider:

  • Will you help them avoid poor results
  • Can you fix the problem (make sure to define the problem correctly)?
  • Will you make my life easier?
  • Do I like you as a person?

While this all appears very easy to understand, putting it into practice is an entirely different matter. Most lawyers spend their lives persuading and trying to bring others around to their particular point of view, which can be deadly in a client development situation.