Building Strong Attorney Development Programs for Tomorrow's Leaders

November 16

Regardless of how the practice of law changes in the future, law firms will always need energy, experience, skill, and wisdom. Forward-thinking law firms realize that hiring and supporting bright young lawyers is a critical component of ensuring that the firm does not run out of energy and fall into decline. A strong attorney development program can further secure long-term success. 


These programs can be beneficial to both the associate and the firm.  Firms that develop their leaders now will be better positioned to handle challenges in the future.   



 Developing an effective program needs planning and partner support.  PerformLaw's presentation reviews the essential components of an effective program including:
- Evaluation and feedback
- Practice planning
- Compensation
- Advanced criteria





The costs of training and mentoring is a valid concern, especially because clients will not pay for such expenses.  Clients are not saying don’t hire young people, but they are saying that they won’t pay for them until real value is added. Smart firms will adjust their strategic plan and cost structure to allow for the inclusion of bright new minds.