Practice Planning: How We Do It! (Part 3)

May 11

This is the third part of our Practice Planning series.  To catch up on the other parts , click on the following links:

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Performlaw’s practice plan engagements focus on the development of systems to maximize income-generating and strategic time investments. These engagements are aimed at creating high-performance lawyers who positively impact the culture of the firm. 

A typical engagement includes three parts:

  1. Discovery,
  2. Plan Creation, and
  3. Implementation

The resulting deliverable is a master plan document that includes all plans, goals, tasks, and activities, economic justification, goals, and expectations for the firm/ offices/ teams/ individuals, as dictated by the scope.


Finally, we use readily available process documents and data collection applications to ensure that our clients can maintain a practice planning system with minimal future process assistance. We help some clients manage their planning processes on a periodic basis.



In this initial phase, we develop an understanding of the firm’s needs and determine priorities for income generating and strategic hours. To collect needed information, we typically conduct surveys and interviews with management and senior lawyers.  This is followed by the creation of initial meeting summaries, a firm-specific planning approach, a process orientation for participants, and a customized scope (clarification of expectations) with future steps.


Plan Creation

Plan creation includes collecting participant data, scheduling and facilitating meetings, compiling meeting summaries, assessing the operating environment, and drafting practice plans.


Next, we present a narrative to management that includes initial observations and items for immediate and future consideration. For example, a narrative may include an assessment of the level of participant engagement and the identification of issues and opportunities.


Follow-up meetings are sometimes necessary to review plan drafts, finalize participant hours and dollars investments and assess participant ability and willingness to progress. Much depends on the success of the initial plan meeting and participant engagement. 


The final deliverable of phase two is a master plan document that includes all micro plans, goals, tasks, and activities and economic justifications.



PerformLaw is dedicated to raising the overall strategic and managerial competence of client law firms.

In the final project phase, we create guidelines and procedures for individual and team practice plans to follow. For this purpose, we introduce the concept of recommended objective and subjective rewards to promote practice plan implementation. If desired, we facilitate a kick-off meeting with participants and management.






If you or your law firm is interested in a practice planning engagement with PerformLaw, contact us to schedule a free consult so we can discuss your needs and questions.