The Essential Guide to Associate Development

June 28


Hire the best attorneys. 

Develop them into successful attorneys. 

Encourage productivity and retention with  compensation and incentives.



Attorney performance is a combination of several factors. The right compensation and incentives coupled with a robust amount of transparency will help motivate hardworking lawyers and make them more secure in the belief that their hard work will pay off. Not far behind compensation and incentives is the need for a clear progression path and the tools and training. Finally, a strong communication process that ensures attorneys receive regular performance feedback is essential. 


Over the last couple of months, PerformLaw has focused on how to put this "PLAN" of establishing an effective associate development program into action.  Attorney performance engagements include customized policies, procedures, forms, and templates for your organization.


We regularly design attorney performance programs that include compensation and benefits, practice planning and guidance, progression policies, and processes for improving communications.


We can engage with you on a project level or as part of longer-term attorney performance improvement and monitoring relationship. The structure of these agreements can include in-person visits, regularly scheduled or ad hoc calls, email support, performance analysis, templates, and report style communications. We can work on improving a single lawyer’s performance or an entire firm.


Clients who engage PerformLaw to improve attorney performance get objective, experienced, and practical advice. Use of our tools, templates, processes, market awareness and creative plan design expertise are included in the engagement.  Attorney performance engagements include customized policies, procedures, forms, and templates for your organization. 


The decision to bring in outside support to help improve profitability typically in response to a need for objective advice and new ideas. These new ideas and approaches can involve better cost allocation systems, better financial reporting, process innovations, cost control, new software, changes to compensation and incentives, marketing, pricing, staffing, facilities, and organizational development.

Whether you firm is struggling with one or more of these areas or just wants to do better, we can help diagnose the high impact issues quickly and help you to apply more of your resources to fixing the issues.


Clients use our services on a project basis or on a longer-term agreement to help implement our recommended actions. Our role can include financial analysis, strategic and technical advice in several areas, and as a resource to support the change management process.