CFO Services

Improvements in technology, correctly applied, can create significant opportunities to reduce operating costs while improving services at the same time. By utilizing remote access, cloud based offerings, desktop sharing, and video conferencing we are able to accomplish discreet tasks efficiently.


It is our opinion that as more firms adopt cloud based offerings for their accounting and time and billing functions, remote processing will prove to be more efficient and cost effective. In fact, we believe that firms will realize that the majority of their financial functions will actually be more responsive and their financial management will improve if they are located offsite.


When the situation requires it, we are able to provide full and part time CFO services on a contract basis. A typical agreement includes one to two days per week on site plus remote support. Full time support is available through our network of professionals that work in this way.


We are able to work very effectively as an augment to a firm’s in-house personnel or as an alternative to increasing or replacing open staff positions. We work in conjunction with the firm’s CPA’s to ensure the information they need for their tax processing is timely and accurate. If you believe that there is an opportunity within your firm, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss it with you.