Talent and Human Resources Services

The war for talent is real. How do you attract, retain and engage your professional and support staff? How do you ensure you are rewarding your key employees and are considered an employer of choice?

Talent Management and Human Resources Excellence are rapidly changing and firms that are innovative and stay ahead of the talent curve will see a direct return on their investment.

We provide insightful advice about compensation administration, benefits, management training, legal compliance/litigation avoidance, staff realignment/redundancy, workflow analysis, alternative timekeeper staffing for high volume/low rate work and work/life blend programs.

Let our team do the work for you. We conduct an assessment with Firm leadership to determine your talent priorities and objectives and build a customized Talent Management Plan. Would you like to improve your retention rate for associates? Having problems improving staff performance? We can help you develop a plan to strengthen your top employees and address your poor performers. Do you need key policies and procedures developed? We have them for you, from EEOC and Anti-harassment to Telecommuting and Remote Work.

Let us do the administrative work so you can focus on your practice and your clients.

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What can you gain from Human Resources Services and what can PerformLaw do for you?

The Process

How does a Talent and Human Resources Service Engagement work?


Where can I learn more about the topics I might want advice about?


The confidence of knowing that you are working with an experienced partner. Clients who engage PerformLaw to help with their HR issues get objective, experienced, and practical advice about how to resolve HR issues quickly and improve morale.

The ability to efficiently create human resource policies, guidelines and processes designed for law firms. Use of our tools, templates, proven processes, and management expertise are included in the engagement.

A solution for the long term. All our engagements are designed to raise the level of in-house competence and promote self-sufficiency.

The ability to continue to focus on your daily responsibilities while we focus on helping you or your team create a responsive HR function that supports positive firm morale, employee retention and recruiting. We can help you or your management team minimize the extra work associated with improving processes.

What this collaboration can do for you:

  • We can make you, your team and your firm stronger competitors in the legal industry. 
  • We can help you develop roadmaps with your unique culture to attract, retain, develop and enhance the performance of your attorneys and staff. 
  • We can also help you create a Human Resource function built on legal industry best practices.
  • We can help you manage HR costs and improve morale is several key areas.



Ability to methodically determine your future growth plans. Target the type and level of talent that will make you an employer of choice and provide top quality and profitable legal work for your clients.

Talent Management Vision and Mission

Talent Initiatives

Talent Attraction and Retention

Employee Branding

Orientation, Onboarding and Integration


Talent Development

Succession Planning

Employee Engagement


Benefits and Rewards

Human Resources Excellence

Department Objectives

Systems, Operations and Compliance

Return on Investment


Build a Human Resources function that is streamlined, cost efficient and in compliance with federal, state and EEOC laws and regulations. Is there a better way to deliver services within your firm and remain competitive in the external market?

HR Operations Functions Audit

Legal and EEOC Compliance

  • Hiring
  • Pay Practices
  • Key Policies
  • Personnel and Benefit Files
  • Medical Leave Administration
  • Progressive Discipline
  • Terminations
  • Employee Investigations
  • Benefit Administration


Training and Development

Employee Relations

Compensation and Benefits

Performance Management


We will conduct a gap analysis to ensure you have the right people with the right skill set to optimize your productivity and profitability. We will review each position based on your unique client needs to reduce redundancy and overlap of roles and responsibilities.

Benefit: Streamlined operations based on efficiency, performance improvement, and coaching to increase the depth of your bench. We can strengthen your superstars, reduce your poor performers and improve the supporting job structures.

Gap Analysis

Position Review

Employee Relations Coaching

Job Responsibilities

Essential Job Functions and Descriptions

Job Analysis

Staffing Analysis

Performance Discussions

Performance Improvement Plans

Progressive Discipline



We will review your current key policies to ensure compliance with federal and state law and recommend additional policies based on your business goals and culture. We will work with firm leadership to provide guidance in investigating employee investigations, EEOC complaints and required training in areas such as Anti-Sexual Harassment and Discrimination training.

Benefit: Avoid employment law problems, add structure and consistency in managing your attorneys and staff, create culture through policy design and administration, create best practices that streamline costs.

Policy Review

Federal and State Law Compliance

Policy Recommendations

EEOC and Anti-harassment, FMLA, ADA and Reasonable Accomodation, Confidentiality, Electronic Social Media, Telecommuting and Remote Work, Paid Sick Leave, Paid Time Off Policy, Dress Code, Drug Free Workplace, Independent Contractor


We will review all current talent acquisition practice and procedures and make recommendations for improvements and additional resources. We will work with leadership to provide interviewing standards based on the unique culture of your firm. We will provide onboarding checklists and procedures for a smooth transition for new employees.

Benefit: Streamline costs of the recruiting and hiring process, source strong candidates and provide a positive onboarding experience

Talent Acquisition Practice and Procedure Review

Interviewing Standards and Plans

Onboarding Checklists and Procedures

Recruiting and Hiring Plan

Coach partners on hiring techniques and scripts. Conduct due diligence, competitive intelligence, reference checks, background checks and coordinate onboarding process. Manage headhunter and recruiting contracts and processes.


Work with firm leadership to determine key areas of attorney and staff development. Review internal and external resources for targeted training for teams and individuals. Review and recommend innovative trends in talent development plans currently implemented in various AmLaw 200 firms.

Benefit: Build a stronger firm, team, practice group and support staff. Reduce the costs associated with hiring the wrong people and the turnover rates of your good employees. Reduce employment law claims.


Team and practice group workshops. Training in mentoring, talent management, conducting performance evaluations, interviewing and hiring and work/life blend


Coaching, building relationships with partners and clients, performance management, diversity, anti-harassment, skills training and CLE training

Support Staff

Customer service, conflict management, diversity, anti-harassment (required in various states)

Office Manager/Administrator

Basic employment law, basic management skills, conducting performance evaluations, mediation and interviewing techniques


Review current internal compensation structures for attorneys and staff. Work with Firm leadership to ensure the integrity of the compensation program based on performance and productivity. Recommend changes and enhancements to the compensation program based on current trends in the legal industry.

Benefit: Offer total rewards based on legal industry standards. Design an internal pay for performance system that rewards your best performers. Create a structure that supports the integrity of your internal compensation administration. Educate each employee about their total compensation package including salary, bonus, overtime, health and retirement benefits.

Benchmark Internal Salaries and External Legal Market

Attorney Compensation Structure

Based on Performance, Hours, Productivity, Classification

Support Staff Guidelines

Total Compensation Statements

Individual Compensation Plans




Audit current health, welfare and retirement benefits and recommend cost efficiencies and enhancements based on firm business objectives and culture. Develop individual employee total compensation statements that reflect benefit offerings and total rewards.

Benefit: Be competitive in the employee benefit’s arena. Put strategies in place to reduce rising health and other benefit costs paid by the firm.

Manage Relationship with Outside Brokers for Benefits

Advise on Automated Benefit Platforms

Benefit Plan Design


Conduct a gap analysis on your current staffing models for high volume and low rate work. Recommend realignment of client staffing teams based on client needs and profit margins.

Benefit: Design innovative staffing models as used by the AmLaw 200 to increase the profitability of high volume and low rate work.

Alternative Attorney and Paralegal Classifications

Job Descriptions

Workflow Analysis

Compensation Structures


Audit current performance management program and evaluation processes. Work with Firm leadership to determine essential functions of each position to develop continuous feedback programs and develop annual evaluations that measure performance and business goals.

Benefit: Improving legal and staff skills are the key to profitability and superior client work. Design a program that rewards your star performers and reduces the potential liability of terminations.

Review Evaluations Programs and Options

Professional and Support Staff

Progressive Discipline and Performance Management Plan

Attorney and Staff Performance Improvement Plans


Conduct a listening tour to determine the unique business and personal needs of your employees. Develop a Lifeworks program, based on firm culture, and implement an innovative work/life blend.

Benefit: Create a culture and work environment based on the lifecycle of your employees. Implement programs designed to attract and retain millennial attorneys to reduce the high cost of lawyer departures.

Policy and Program Design

Alignment of Professional and Personal Goals and Objectives


Conduct an audit of all employment areas, including hiring, promotions, pay equity, work assignments and development to ensure a focus on diversity and inclusion. Conduct a listening tour and recommend agendas for diverse affinity groups.

Benefit: A diverse workforce attracts and retains top talent. More clients are requiring diverse attorney teams in order to secure legal work.

Diversity Program Development

Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Workforce.

Create and Support Affinity Groups

Create initiatives for Women Lawyers, Lawyers of Color and LGBTQ lawyers

Diversity and Inclusion Model


Review current practice and provide a legally compliant process for internal administration of leaves.

Benefit: Reduce the high costs of salary continuation and medical leaves.

FMLA and ADA Legal Compliance


Work with firm leadership to develop plans to address sensitive and confidential coaching on an individual and group basis. Provide internal training for mediation for difficult but crucial conversations.

Benefit: Create a culture based on trust and concern for your employees. Help employees resolve personal issues that impact their quality of work and commitment in their jobs.



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