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* Examples of other client testimonials:

- "I have had the pleasure of working closely with Brian for several years, as a trusted consultant on my career. I recommend his skills in assessing the valuation, structure, and ongoing profitability of law firms. He has the ability to understand complex information and provide quick concise analysis, as necessary. I appreciate his keen negotiating skills and ability to get a job completed to the end. I am very pleased with the outcome of our corroboration."

- "Brian is a true expert in the areas of law firm strategic planning, management, and marketing. The legal marketplace is rapidly evolving, and his approach helps firms deal proactively with these changes. Brian has worked with our firm and has done in-house presentations to our lawyers. We have implemented many of his suggestions."

-"Brian is highly knowledgeable, insightful and great to work with. He has been instrumental in our efforts as a law firm."


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