With this service plan, PerformLaw provides clients with the following: 


Help and support for your

in-house office manager







Interface with your in-house people and your accounting firm to ensure a timely monthly accounting close



Closing procedures and timelines development








Monthly web call to review results and set monthly priorities.


One additional monthly support call when necessary (analysis and decision support)





Profitability plan including:


- Monthly financial analysis
- Key financial statistics and benchmarks
- Cost per hour breakout
- Income statement and capital analysis
- Timekeeper profitability


Ad Hoc email support for routine issues


(issues requiring a deliverable or a call priced as an additional call)






Bi-weekly/monthly payroll processing through 3rd party  vendor


401K monthly remittance


Quarterly compensation reconciliation for associates and income partners


Cash management support and weekly cash report and requirements

Accounts payable – firm expenses and non-urgent client costs







One lateral hire analysis annually

Annual meeting to review plan and goals 













CFO Services


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Is my firm too small to benefit from these CFO Services?

The need for good financial management is not a function of firm size. Your firm, whether large or small, can benefit from the services of a CFO. With our CFO Services, your firm receives needed financial management when you need it, without the cost of a full-time CFO.

If my law firm is running well, why would I need CFO Services?

While your firm may be running well, there are all always efficiencies and margins that can be improved. With law firm specific experience, a fractional CFO can open new ways to increase your your firm's operational efficiency and financial performance.

Will you work with my outside accounting firm?

PerformLaw does not replace your outside accounting firm. Rather, we work together with them to fulfill your firm's financial, accounting and tax needs of your firm.

I am thinking about selling or merging my firm. Can PeformLaw help with this?

Yes. We have significant experience with both selling and merging firms. These transactions are almost always on a prospective basis. Each deal has its unique characteristics, and due diligence on the buy side can expand or contract based on the buyer’s perceived risk. The structure of the transaction dictates the due diligence depth. For example, if it is a go forward agreement on new cases only, many items on the list are not necessary. If the transaction is a purchase of the firm’s assets and includes an assumption of liabilities, you are likely safer commissioning a CPA to do an audit.If an insider is buying the firm, a simple agreed upon procedure engagement with the neutral CPA may suffice.

Can I upgrade to a higher level plan and receive credit prior plan purchases?

Yes. For up to 1 year you may upgrade your plan by only paying the difference between your previously paid amounts and the new plan amount.

Are additional follow up calls available for purchase if I need more support?

Yes. Additional consults are available.See our Pricing Information located above the FAQ section of this page.

Do you have references?

Yes, please contact us directly for a list of references. Alternatively, please review our testimonials HERE

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