Advisory Services

As a sounding board and business advisor, we offer attorneys and law firms a wealth of experience and business insight to help ...

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Associate Performance

Embracing a feedback and planning process to encourage associate performance will engender loyalty, better determine the likelihood of an associate...

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Client Profitability Analysis

In our experience, there is no single better tool for assessing the financial health of a law practice than client and matter profitability analysis. Client...

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Competitive Analysis

Placing attention on the right priorities is best accomplished by and understanding of how well a firm is competing in the most important areas. There...

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CFO Services

Improvements in technology have created significant opportunities to reduce operating costs while improving services at the same time. By utilizing...

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 Compensation Systems

High-quality data is included in developing an data-driven compensation system. When properly analyzed, these data allow firms to draw unbiased conclusions...

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Lateral and Merger Analysis

A process that includes an objective consideration of the cultural, economic and recruiting attributes related to law firm lateral and merger transactions is...

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Strategic Profit Analysis

What happens when a client calls and offers your law firm more business in exchange for a price reduction? Do you immediately accept the offer our do...

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Marketing and Business Development

Legal marketing strategies that are developed based on specific goals and a deep understanding of the market are most likely to succeed. Pinpointing...

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New Law Firm Startup

Two of the most compelling strategic reasons we hear for starting a new firm include the opportunity to create a unique client offering and the freedom...

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New Partner Admittance

A comprehensive evaluation process based on pre-established criteria significantly improves the chances that a newly admitted partner will be successful...

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Partner Performance

Law firms that enjoy a high degree of partner engagement are more able to develop a healthy and productive culture. Helping law partners perform on...

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Practice Planning

One common attribute about law firm partners and associates who reach very high levels is that they think strategically about their careers. Typically, this...

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Profitability Improvement

Improving the profitability of an individual client, lawyer, practice area or firm requires a skillful measurement process that considers economic, environmental...

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Special Projects

Special projects can range across any issue in a law firm. At times, the need for information is compelling enough to engage outside support. In-house...

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Strategic Planning

Law firms striving for excellence need a strategy to identify opportunities that allow for real growth in capacity and capability. A strategic plan that...

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Subscription Services

The time commitment in our engagements is typically heaviest in the beginning, and our clients often need time and support to implement our...

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Transition Planning

Successful senior partners are often larger than life figures within their firms. They often enjoy an individual brand that is more prominent than their...

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