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New Partner Admittance

The likelihood of a new partner admission being successful in the long term is significantly increased by a solid evaluation process based on pre-established criteria. New Partner Admittance criteria are most productive when they contain objective and subjective components that are consistently applied. The new partner admission process should result in a decision that adds to the success of the firm either absolutely or relatively – not making a detrimental decision to admit.


By using a set of pre-established criteria, the firm should only be considering those candidates who have a reasonable chance of long term success. For example, if an attorney has shown no ability to develop new business it is not likely that the attorney will develop any new business after making partner. The skills sets or priorities used in developing a client base are essential to  maintaining existing firm clients when faced with competitive challenges.


We are often asked to make evaluations of the readiness of potential new partners. In a fair number of these decisions, no concrete expectations other than billable hours have been communicated.  When faced with this situation, we remain focused on the likelihood of future success.


Whether your firm has established partnership criteria or has none, we can help.


Our clients appreciate the perspective that we bring to the lateral hiring process. We have an intimate knowledge of the lateral market we serve and a unique ability for injecting objectivity into the process.