Client Profitability Analysis

A quality client profitability analysis will provide a firm with the information needed to make meaningful improvements. Client profitability data are used in several ways including:


  • Client pricing (Rates and alternative pricing methods) 
  • Client staffing efficiency;
  • Overhead efficiency;
  • Rate increase alternatives;
  • Compensation;
  • Lateral and merger analysis; and
  • Successions/Transitions


Having the capability to generate quality client profitability data and the ability to use these data to support meaningful change in an organization are two entirely different processes. Generating the data is relatively easy and is available from most time, billing and accounting systems. A series of repeatable processes and data handling techniques can be designed to produce efficiently a final result that is actionable.


The actionable aspect of this process requires a skillful hand. In addition to the art and science of producing an accurate result, it is important to consider the strategic and political implications of this type analysis.


Our client experiences range from working with firms that have had these systems in place for more than ten years to those who are only now implementing this level of profitability analysis.


For more information about what we know about these systems including a copy of our latest PowerPoint presentation, please see our blog or if you are a law firm partner or manager, schedule a free live Client Profitability fundamentals webinar for your firm. 


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