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Law Firm Leadership and Change Management

Posted by: PerformLaw on July 25
Change is usually driven by realization or suffering. Because humans are hard-wired to resist change, this means that an individual or an organization will only change if they have a compelling vision of the outcome if they have suffered enough in their current situation.

Change affects all parts of an organization or a system. In law firms specifically, any change will ultimately affect the people, processes, and tools that handle the firm’s work. 

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Maintaining a Competitive Law Firm

Posted by: Brian Kennel on January 17



We have seen countless examples of firms who believe they can operate independently of the market. Maybe some can, but mostly, once a firm loses its edge, it is nearly impossible to get it back. Firm’s who lose their ability to compete often struggle to recognize they are failing. Without an objective process for measuring performance, a firm can fall into a cycle of poor decision making on emotion and insufficient information.   

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Billing Process Inefficiencies & Improvements

Posted by: Jan Sander on May 14

The billing process is one of the key pillars of law firm success with impacts on financial and organizational health. It drives the performance of multiple important KPIs: cash flow (liquidity), A/R turnaround, billing and collection rates, and overall profitability.

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Using Profitability Data to Transform Your Law Firm

Posted by: Brian Kennel on September 14


Today’s law firms work with clients who have tighter budgets and greater expectations. This forces firms to find new and better ways to increase productivity and profitability. Since billing more hours and raising rates are not always the best solutions, progressive law firms are now looking to what actually makes their work profitableThey are working smarter, not only harder.

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The Legal Market is Fine for Those Who Adapt

Posted by: Brian Kennel on June 9

In far too many instances, I hear firm management and partners attribute underperformance to a tight legal market. Yes, the legal market may be tight, but I believe it is equally important to acknowledge that underperforming firms and partners could do more to respond to a changing market.

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Are Law Firms Steadily Lowering Expectations?

Posted by: Brian Kennel on May 21


Our post was published on the Miami Herald website on May 21, 2015.

Since last September we have been tracking attorney counts in 286 firms and 4 markets that include Houston Texas, all of the major Louisiana Markets, Jackson MS, and 3 Florida markets. The following data are relevant. 75% of these firms either indicated no growth or reductions in lawyer counts, while only 24% indicated growth in lawyer count.

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