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Team-oriented firm culture and the story of the three little pigs

Posted by: PerformLaw on December 20


A strong and resilient house protected the pigs from the wolf.....Why law firms should care about team strength to protect their organization’s stability.



The story of the three little pigs is a famous tale of three brothers who each built their own home.

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Getting Lateral Hiring Right at Your Law Firm

Posted by: PerformLaw on June 5

Lateral hiring offers law firms the opportunity to bring in new clients and new revenue.  However, with these potential rewards comes significant risks. Research has shown the costs to acquire a lateral candidate, along with their failure rates, to be very high.   

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Combat the Decline of Your Firm with Strategic Recruiting

Posted by: Brian Kennel on December 6

To avoid a phase of decline, law firms must continually work on attracting and retaining new talent.  A well-communicated recruiting plan with monetary incentives for those who actively recruit has the potential to transform a firm immediately.  

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Boost Firm Performance With Intrinsic Motivation

Posted by: Jan Sander on March 29

While the experience and skills of law firm staff and attorneys factor into how they perform at work, a law firm’s management effectiveness greatly influences overall workplace performance,  especially in the long-term. 

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Determining Attorney Bonuses: Subjective and Objective Considerations

Posted by: Brian Kennel on March 21

Most law firms use a bonus system to motivate and retain good attorneys.  With their own unique values and behaviors they wish to reward,  law firms use various subjective and objective methods to determine bonus amounts.   While there is no magic formula for creating the perfect bonus plan, the law firms that find the most success are ones that support a  compensation process that is transparent and that view compensation as an ever-evolving system that progresses and flexes with the times.  



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Setting and Adjusting Base Salaries

Posted by: Brian Kennel on February 15

Defining a process for setting and adjusting base salaries is difficult for most law firms.  Law firms typically make salary decisions based on the following factors: 

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