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Marketing Analytics and Metrics for Any Size Law Firm

Posted by: PerformLaw on September 3

For a law firm to sustain or improve its flow of business in the current legal marketplace, it must implement a solid marketing plan and follow it with consistency. In previous marketing articles, we have shared ways that individual lawyers and entire law firms can develop strategic and tactical marketing plans. We have discussed the best tools and activities to incorporate into these marketing plans and how to leverage automation to improve a marketing system’s performance.

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Marketing System Adoption: What's best for your law firm?

Posted by: PerformLaw on July 16

We discuss 3 phases involved in adopting a functional marketing system in our previous post. These 3 phases include: STRATEGY, TACTICS, and AUTOMATION.  This post will focus on the 2 approaches we consider to be most effective for the process of marketing system adoption:

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The 3 Phases of Marketing System Implementation

Posted by: PerformLaw on May 13

A law firm that has an effective and function marketing system in place has a significant competitive advantage.  A strong marketing system makes it difficult for lawyers to leave (leaving behind the cumulative value of a perfected marketing system) and can act as a major incentive for talented professionals to join the firm.

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Can software act as your law firm’s next Marketing Director?

Posted by: PerformLaw on April 29

Rather than paying too much to employ a full time in-house marketing director, or worse, doing nothing at all to manage the firm’s marketing, modern law firms are now taking a more middle of the range approach to  managing their marketing mix . In utilizing marketing automation software to function as a virtual marketing director, these firms are enhancing the quality and efficiency of their marketing efforts.


Fortunately, marketing automation is possible for any size law firm. Higher end marketing applications such as Hubspot provide critical process tools, training, and support, that enable just about anyone to market effectively.

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Benefits of Segmentation and Buyer Personas for Law Firms

Posted by: PerformLaw on March 26


Market segmentation and buyer personas help attorneys and firms to identify target segments and ideal clients. In getting these factors right, your law firm can influence client attitudes about your brand. Also with this knowledge, your law firm can determine which marketing activities are most effective and enable more efficient use of marketing time and money .




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Developing Buyer Personas to Reach the Right Clients

Posted by: PerformLaw on March 6

A buyer person is not a description of an existing client. Rather, it is the characterization of an ideal client. What are the goals and challenges of your ideal client? What is the best way to communicate with this person? By understanding the primary concerns and objectives of your potential clients, you can customize a marketing message that truly resonates with them.


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