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How You Staff a Client Account or Matter Says Everything About Your Firm

Posted by: Brian Kennel on November 12

I have recently written about the new report published by CounselLink regarding the buying habits of large legal service consumers. While this report is full of interesting information about rates, volume and markets, a more subtle point made by the CounselLink staff in their result interpretations caught my attention. Specifically, the advice given was that firms should not become so focused on a particular billing rate for a particular timekeeper type so as to ignore the overall mix of staff on a client's account or matter. It seems that they get to this conclusion by examining the median billing rates by practice area and compare them among practice areas. While the specific comparison among practice areas is interesting on a level, I believe the larger point they are inferring is that clients evaluate the value they receive from a firm by using similar comparisons among competing firms.

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Leverage Is a Habit

Posted by: Brian Kennel on October 15

A constant term used in law firm management circles is leverage. It is common to hear leverage equated to having more associates than partners. The basic idea is that you can accomplish more work more efficiently with a team, which in turn produces a more abundant result.

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