Is Digital Marketing Enough to Result in Files Coming Your Way?

September 8

Whether creating meaningful relationships that result in legal work can be accomplished solely using digital means is an open question in my view. I am reminded of an old saying "don't confuse activity with results". I have also heard "activity breeds results". It is certainly easier and more efficient to use digital methods to generate activity.

For those who have built a practice through the face-to-face methods that require significant time investments, it will be a while before they are open to the benefits and effectiveness of digital marketing.

Obviously, those who are able to function in both worlds will be most effective. Each lawyer can fashion his or her own philosophy or comfort level with both digital and conventional marketing - no single approach is the correct one. Marketing takes persistence and patience, regardless of the style or the media.

The key is for a lawyer to know when and how to select and use the appropriate tools and skills from his or her own personal repertoire.