Digital Marketing May Be a Means of Survival for Associates

September 8

The proliferation of digital marketing approaches may have as much to do with the billable realities of a law practice as it does with the ubiquitous technology in our daily lives.

For example, let's consider the priorities of an average associate

Contribution Hours Percent
Scheduled hours 2,200
Legal work 2,000 91%
Administrative 50 5%
Skill development 80 1%
Marketing and related 10 0.05%
Bar professional civic 25 1%
Pro bono 25 1%
Recruiting 10 . 045%
Training others 0 %
Total non-legal time 200 9%
Total hours contributed 2,200 100%

This sample distribution of time has been developed by me based numerous practice planning sessions with junior lawyers. It is true that more time can be allocated from another category to marketing, or the associate can simply work more hours, but the reality of a young lawyer’s life is that it is mostly billable.