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We live in a time where clients are steadily pursuing effective methods of measuring law firm and lawyer performance. New performance metrics, third party rating services and the constantly improving availability of data place unprecedented power in the hands of legal service buyers.  

To help our clients excel, we specialize in developing data driven compensation systems that  are market aware, allow partners to practice profitably together, promote efficiency and reward the delivery of high client value. These compensation systems rely heavily on client/matter profitability, client service metrics and origination sharing policies. 


An efficient and structured data gathering approach, transparency, easy to understand reporting and education are essential to these systems. Firms that commit to a process of fairly evaluating partner contributions to profit, regular performance measurements and constructive feedback are better able to perform consistently at very high levels.  


Aligning law firm compensation with external and internal factors ensures that firms are in touch with client expectations, support profitable partner behaviors and build an economically viable practice model. 


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