Client Service Management Systems

Most firms have some form of client service management protocol but typically only enforce the most basic aspects that relate to time entry, billing guidelines, and file naming conventions within a document management system. It is it not unusual for practices within the same firm to manage clients service differently despite having access to the same tools.

Client service management systems are capable of much more, and we work with clients to measure client service and implement the best aspects of these systems. We will review workloads, assess client satisfaction, create KPI (Key Performance Indicators), evaluate software solutions, and help create guidelines, policies, and procedures.

Firms who get client service and develop good organizational habits can create a compelling brand message backed up by demonstrable results.

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What can you can gain from improving client service and what can PerformLaw do for you?

The Process

How does a client service management system engagement work?


Where can I learn more about the topics I might want advice about?


The confidence of knowing that you are working with an experienced partner. Clients who engage PerformLaw to help improve client service get objective, experienced, and practical advice about how to measure and improve client service.

The ability to efficiently create a client service protocol and create accountability. Use of our tools, templates, proven processes, and management expertise are included in the engagement.

A solution for the long term. All our engagements are designed to raise the level of in-house competence and promote self-sufficiency.

The ability to continue to focus on your daily responsibilities while we focus on supporting client service improvements. Successful lawyers are busy and must focus on client priorities. We can help you and your management team minimize the distractions that special projects can cause.

What PerformLaw can do for you:

  • We help clarify and communicate goals and expectations.
  • We ensure accountability and define clear roles and responsibilities.
  • We provide easy to understand analysis and processes tools.
  • We help identify and address weaknesses in your current systems.
  • We help with the change management issues.
  • We are available when clients need us; before, during and after an engagement.



Average number of timekeepers per client

Caseloads by Attorney

List of assigned cases by responsible lawyer broken out by year for the prior 3 years. Deliverable is by responsible lawyers.

Attorney Capacity

Client/ Matter Staffing- Timekeeper Type

Average Number of Revenue Generators on a Client (top 10 clients)

List of top 10 clients and who is working the files. List average timekeepers by client. The purpose is to determine if the staffing mix is appropriate.


Client Retention Rate

Client Satisfaction


New Matters by Existing Client

3 Year Trend Analysis


Average Days Files are Open

List of open files with date opened and date closed. Use a simple average and median. Sift out outliers.

Average Age of Open Files

List of all open files with open date, practice area, and billing attorney. Sift outliers. Might have to sort by practice area if the firm's client mix is diverse. May also need to sort by lawyer.

Number of Cases Resolved Monthly

A report indicating cases closed by month for the last 3 years.

Average Age of Closed Files

Need a report that indicates the file open and close date for 3 years of closed files. Create an aging of time to close. Create a relevant range for how cases are closed.

Average Revenue Amount By Case Type

Fees received by case type 3 years. The average revenue per year for each case type.

Average time spent on a case


Existing Software Capabilities

Software Needs

Improvement Recommendations


Average Frequency of Case Updates/ Report Letters

Phone and Email Response Times

File Opening Process

File Closing Process

Time Entry Policies

Billing Guidelines

File Management Procedures



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