About US

Resourceful. Responsive. Proficient. We work smart and hard to help our clients become self-sufficient, lean organizations.

Our Philosophy

Law firms are full of smart and talented people trained in art of persuasion. Perceptions often rule the day rather than facts supported by data. We operate in the breach between perception and reality. Using data and experience, we create a bridge to better decision making and fairer results for all.


Through years of experience, we have learned that the most effective approaches to solving law firm management problems include:

  • Improve In-House Competence,
  • Contract External Expertise and Resources
  • Automate Tasks

Raising in-house competence requires investments in training coupled with heightened expectations. Outsourced solutions can altogether eliminate the need for in-house competencies, and software solutions can eliminate the need for both. Improving performance typically involves all three of these approaches.


We frequently see creative talent and time wasted on filler work and low engagement tasks. Some tasks are just not worth learning or doing. We focus on providing opportunities for all staff to realize their full potential.

Our Approach

Inefficient or non-existent systems and processes often lead to economic performance issues. When clients contact us, they often indicate stage one or stage two issues in their organization. Others simply want to improve their performance.


With any performance improvement engagement, our objective is to figure out how we can best help a client to become a self-sufficient, lean organization. To do this, we provide discovery (analysis and process development) and advisory (recommendation and implementation) services. And while we have our “tried and true” processes, best practices, track record, training and instincts, the degree to which a client needs these strengths varies in each case.





Our Clients

There are numerous leadership styles and variations found in law firms.  Consider two of the typical archetypes we encounter in our work with law firms.





Methodical Manager

Methodical Manager (MM) is steeped in process and analysis, having lots of facts and figures. This client has a better grasp of the potential effects of their decisions than anyone else. MM is slow to decide, can miss opportunities, and needs final decision support.

In this instance, PerformLaw does not need to recreate the analysis process.  We can immediately focus on creating a range of recommended performance solutions using the available data, and leveraging MM's preparation.

Methodical Manager is typically 80% of the way to a solution but needs creative options, patience, and experienced judgment to complete the job.



Decisive Director

Decisive Director (DD) tends to decide first and figure out the process steps later. DD oversimplifies complex situations and seems only to remember the decisions that paid off favorably. Analysis and process create stress in DD's world, and DD becomes impatient quickly.
DD's willingness to try new things and action-oriented approach have led to many of the forward thinking and nuanced accomplishments for DD's firm.
To work well with Decisive Director's firm, PerformLaw must design an efficient data collection and analysis process that includes frequent progress reports. We must find short-term wins to encourage an expanded decision-making process. We must also prepare to deal with the potential for a premature end to the analysis and process steps.

Flexibility and Persistence

Working well with different types of law firm leaders and managers takes a level of flexibility and persistence. This requires experience, talent, training and a disciplined approach.

Graphically, our role in each of the examples described below, looks like this:



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