Crisis Management

At some point, all firms face a crisis of one form or another. Whether it be the loss of a major client, partner defections, partner conflicts or the firm is simply declining at a rapid rate, it is very difficult for firm leadership to address these issues without objective support from the outside.


It has been our experience that the fatigue and stress that accompanies crisis situations, coupled with client demands, can be overwhelming. Further, depending upon the type of issue, communication becomes difficult and denial tends to surface. A skilled intermediary who is not connected to the crisis is able to create a channel of communication that may not otherwise exist.


It is beneficial to immediately insert objectivity into all analysis and communication. It is also helpful to asses the available resources and time frame for dealing with an issue. Finally, the sooner a firm understands whether an issue is fixable or not, the better they are able to make decisions going forward.  


If your firm is in a crisis situation or you believe you are approaching difficult times and need crisis management, we can help.